Sai Leela-303 - Sai's Miracle on getting me a job

I live in USA and have been out of a job for the last 7 months. Yesterday Nov 17th, I got an offer from a well known company. Thank You Baba. Om Sai Ram Baba, Thank You for the job offer.

Devotees I had been out of a job for so many months and had been very depressed, anxious, stressed. Sometimes I was angry too at Baba for not giving me a job. I interviewed in so many places by phone, but not even one company called me for an onsite interview. For last 6 months, I was going through various Baba, Questions and Answers sites and asking the question: "If I will get a job" Every time: the answer was something like: "Have faith and patience", "donate wheat flour to the needy", "Your difficulties and obstacles will vanish soon", "Wait 36 hours" etc. I did this everyday for 6 months at multiple sites and was getting very disheartened. I did the "Sai 9 Guruvar Vrat" twice. Maybe, I didn't do it wholeheartedly, I don't know. I did also Sai Divya Pooja, read Satcharitra Saptah once, Gurucharitra and Ram Vijaya. Believe me, I was getting desperate and I did everything. When one answer was "donate wheat flour, white sweets", I promised Baba I will do it after I get the job and also because there is no place here in USA where I could just donate the flour.

One day when I asked the question again, the answer was "You have not done the things you have promised". At that time I felt I should do something right away. On one Sunday, I took the wheat flour (I had already bought it and kept but did not donate), and made 30 chapatis, made curry and Kheer and donated it to a homeless shelter. On Tuesday, I got an email from a manager at my previous company saying he wants to hire me. I was ecstatic. After that again there was no communication. On Thursday as my usual procedure I asked Baba the question: Baba's answer was "You will hear good news and bad news". I felt hopeless. But see Baba's magic. The manager contacted me on Thursday evening and said that he wanted to meet me on Friday. I was again anxious but the meeting went well and I got the offer on the same Friday (yesterday). I also got the bad news that the lady who wanted to rent my house backed out. It is ok. Baba gave me a job and I am thankful. I will be starting in 2 weeks. Baba, please take care of me and my family and let me start the job. Om Sai Ram. Let us all have faith and patience. Baba will take care of us.

Om Sai, Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.




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