Leela -231 - Baba blesses my baby in all ways

Sai Devotee Deepa from India says: Om Sairam to all Sai devotees. Thanks to Sairam for coming into my life and making my life smoother.  Thanks to all the devotees who pen their experience which increases the hope, faith, love, affection on our Sai Ram

This is my second experience. My first experience is all about Baba's blessings during my pregnancy. With His blessings I gave birth to a baby girl "Aradhya" and she is in her 9th month now (23/6/2016). Here comes my experience. As my baby's nostril is very small she used to make whistle sound while breathing. Even I know that the sound will get reduced as she grows up, I was very much worried. She used to make different sounds while sleeping. Sometimes it will be like shivering for cold, so I covered with sweater. But still the sound was not stopped. My relatives and neighbours told the sound is very strange and you should consult a doctor. So I took my 20days old baby to 3 different doctors. All checked and told that everything is normal. The thing is her nostril is very small when compared with other babies. Still no need to worry it will be alright when she grows. But one doctor suggested to put pneumonia vaccine because it will occur in nostril it seems. Also he mentioned that pneumonia fever is very dangerous. I couldn't control my tears. On that day I cried a lot to Baba to cure my baby and give her a pleasant sleep. I started writing "Om Sri Sairam" 108 times daily for more than 5 months and used to tell evening arthi for 6 months. Also started my life time Thursday vrat for my baby. And finally the sound was stopped and she is having a nice sleep nowadays. Thanks to my beloved Sairam for taking care of my baby.

Next experience is we planned to start solids for my daughter in her 6th month. So we went to Sai Baba temple in our area to feed her sweet pongal. It was Thursday, so the temple was very much crowded and songs were sung loudly on mike. She started crying and we couldn't stop her. We thought of going back to home and let's come on some other day, other than Thursday. I was totally disappointed and prayed Baba to make her calm for at least 5 minutes so that we will feed her somewhere in the temple and leave soon. We came out of temple. Suddenly we saw a meditation room (Sai kudil) with lot of Sairam photos and books. Since it was aarthi time, nobody was in that kudil. My daughter started smiling by seeing those photos. We all were relaxed after seeing her smile. We sat there and fed her pongal in front of Sairam. Such a calm place we got within a second of thinking our Sai. Thanks to our beloved Sai for listening to all our wishes. Then we donated for annadaanam for next Thursday and returned home.

But still I was not satisfied with darshan. I couldn't even see Sairam for a minute. So I thought of going to the temple next Thursday, the day for which we have given for annadhanam. My aunt and myself went for noon aarthi. Such an awesome darshan we had. Very blissful and forgot all the problems. My eyes didn't move aside from Sairam's face. Lovely darshan. And while returning home I was thinking that my mom and my daughter missed this awesome darshan. And I felt very sad for them. You know, our Sai listened to my inner voice and showered His lovely blessings by coming to our home itself. Just 5 minutes after I reached home, I heard Sai Baba songs somewhere out of my home. My mom called me out and to my surprise I saw a cart with full of Sai Baba photos and idols. It didn't stop anywhere; it was straight coming to our home. I was jumping with ultimate joy and took my daughter to the cart. We prayed well, gave money and they left. They didn't even stop anywhere. My mom told that this cart comes once in a year and this time it is our home. See how sweet our Sai is. He came to my home just to bless my mom and daughter.

Another experience is, my mom use to take my daughter to roof top in evening times and spend some time there. One day she gave a mango leaf (neighbour house tree which extends to our roof top) for her to play. Mom didn't notice the milk coming from the leaf. While playing, the milk got stick to her face. After few hours we saw some red spots in her face, we thought that it might be mosquito bite, but later it changed to dark colour and finally she got 3 or 4 black spots. My mom realized that it might be the milk from the leaf and she was very much worried if it spread, she will be questioned by my mother in law. That night I applied Udi and prayed wholeheartedly to our Sai to remove the dark spots so that no one will be questioned. But next day it was still darker, though it didn't spread. I continuously applied Udi and within next 3 days it's gone. I thanked our Sai from inner heart. Thanks Sairam, thanks a lot for taking birth in this kaliyug to save the poor people. I love to be Your devotee. I love to touch Your lotus feet and sit for my life time. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram. Bless everyone in this world and make their wish come true.

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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