Leela -263 - Baba testing my faith & will provide everything

Om Sai Ram to all, and I surrender to myself and my family in lotus feet of Sai Baba. This is related to my Job, I am going to share how Shibpur Baba ji and His 5day miracle pooja helped me to get my desired Job. Finally Baba gave me chance again to share experience. Om Sai Ram! 

Coming to My Experience: I am working in a reputed Japanese MNC, my job is good but still I was not happy with some internal politics, so I started looking for the Job since last 1.5yrs. My understanding was I am already working in a good MNC so finding new Job will not be a big task. And I started but 6months passed I didn’t get any single call regarding Job. I started Sai Baba 9 fast. I got calls from some reputed companies and gave the interview but 3 times I failed to clear interview. And I completed my fast but no new Job. I was shattered and used to cry and got depressed. At same time I was facing some personal problems and nothing was working at all. And yes I used to go to Shirdi every year with my family in 2016 I couldn’t go shirdi due to these problems, so I always complain to Baba “Why You are angry with me? What wrong I have done? and many things” then I started again 9 fast and gave some food to children on Thursday for all problems, I have completed but still there was no response till Nov16.

Then suddenly in Dec16 I got a call from very good Indian company in my desired location and gave the interview on 22nd Dec’16. Interview was good and I was expecting this time that I will surely get selected. But there was no response from their side. I waited till 1 month. Now on 17th Jan’17 I received mail from reputed MNC but location was not as my desired but still I said Ok for further interview. And I was saying Baba I don’t want Job in this location but if You want then it’s ok, I will do. I received a call from company and I asked about location for how to commute. To my surprise they told its GGV my desired location. Then I was sure that I will defiantly get selected in this company as this Job is given by Baba. Then I got selected for face to face interview and scheduled date was 22nd Jan’17 just after one month. Interview was good. And again I waited for 15days but there was no response I thought I again got rejected but Baba was there. One day I was very sad and crying suddenly I received a call from company that I was selected. They offered me desired Salary package also. I was very happy.

They told me to do Medical check-up before proceeding with Offer letter. I completed tests but in 2002 I was sick and it was already 15yrs and I was absolutely ok but in my report there was that problem was showing, so HR told me if doctor said it was a problem so we will not proceed for offer letter. I was like totally broken and crying, but my 2nd check-up was scheduled on Thursday my Baba’s day, so I was again convinced that I would get this job and was praying. I went and doctor said this was an old disease and no need to worry. And I finally I got my offer letter after one month of my interview after so much tests by Baba and I passed.

Baba now You know the major thing of my life. Please, please listen to me and bless me and my family and call me Shirdi. Thank You so much Baba for everything. I know You are testing my faith and will provide me all things. Om Sai Ram!

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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