Leela -244 - Sai Dharshan

I am sevak of Baba, from birth I know Sai because of my dad. Baba loves my dad to the core. I am blessed kid of my Deva. Everywhere I see Him every second I think of Him. Baba is only truth.

When I was 19 years old, I had wish to visit Shirdi. I kept on praying Baba I want to visit Shirdi, please call me. Within two months I got married and I landed in Shirdi. After having darshan of my Deva, me and my husband and sister-in-law, her husband and her children were in queue for prasad. All in my mind was I wanted to see Baba. One old man who was wearing juba pyjama kind dress appeared and started speaking with me in queue. He said very clearly in Hindi " bhaut durse logo atte hey darhsan ke liye. Prasad nahi mila tho nirash hojate hey. Isliye mein prasad leke rakta hoon aur prasad deta hoon jinko prasad na miltha hey". He said beti prasad lo. And he gave me shira sweet prasad and said bhagwan ache kare and also he said beti jab tum haath badayege prasad katam ho jayega”. ( “People come from very far places for darshan. If they don’t get prasad they feel sad. So I take prasad and keep for those who don’t get.” He also said beti when you will take forward your hand to receive prasad that time it would get over).

I was happy but I was blank until he gave me prasad and said all. I smiled and had prasad. Shocking was exactly at my turn the one who was distributing prasad, we could not see him because he was inside prasad counter and we were taking prasad from window of counter. He said to me sorry madam prasad khatam hogaya. My hands felt the goose bumps when I heard from him. How can normal person guess exactly at my turn prasad would get over. The one who spoke and gave prasad was my Sai Deva. Till now my Deva has helped me every day at every step. I cannot say my day is spent without Him. Every breath of mine is His name and every step of life is because of Him. Love You Deva. He is awesome. Sai all I want is You. You have given me more then I deserve. I love You Deva.

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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