Sai Leela-357 - Saibaba's Timely Response


Om Sai, Sri Sai, Jaya Jaya Sai. Om Sai Baba. Greetings to all Sai devotees. Dear Sai devotees, I have been a Sai devotee for a long time, and have had several great experiences showered by our Sai on me and my family members. I want to sincerely the team for maintaining this site. It gives me strength and inspiration and thereby making my faith stronger in our Sai Baba, by reading our devotees’ experiences posted here. Here is my most recent experience. Thank You Baba.

Coming to my most recent experience. My younger son is a college undergraduate, now in his second year. He was a very good student until the early years of his high school. Around the 11 grade he started lacking focus in studies. We did not realize it until the end of 11th grade. In his 12th grade also he would not complete his home works. He would lie about his homework completion. During his tests I would sit with him and review the course work. He would do well at home but at school he would not do well. He has a great attitude, great manners; he respects everyone and cares for everyone. He was in a couple of clubs in school and did a lot of voluntary work. But when it comes to studies he finds excuses. After graduating from high school he has joined college in a nearby town which is about an hour away. He was excited that some of his friends from our town had also joined and was excited about the activities. We always encouraged him to participate in various club activities and would inquire him about how he was doing in them, how he and his friends contributed etc.

In his first semester he worked hard and got some decent grades. In his second semester, he was taking Chemistry II, which he felt tough. I advised him to take tutoring and found a tutor. He took tutoring classes for about 3 to 4 weeks and stopped taking them. When I realized that I was not getting billed for tutoring and asked him, he said, "I do not want to waste your money". So I advised him to drop the course, which if he did before a certain date it would not affect his GPA. I would not get any money back, but was more concerned about his GPA. The night before the deadline, I called him up and suggested him to drop the course. I prayed to Sri Sai that everything should go well. My son said that he would do it and next day he did not bother to drop the course, and lied to me saying that he had dropped it. I was not sure why he had done that, even after me, amicably, suggesting him to drop the course. I came to know this at the end of the semester when we were looking at his semester GPA. This Chemistry course came as Fail. Not only this he had another course which he was doing well and did not submit the final paper due to which he got an Incomplete. This has brought his GPA to a very low score. I was upset why he was doing this and was really upset with our Sai, as why He was not helping my son to correct himself.

Every time my son came home, I made him to pray Sri Sai before leaving home. I felt very helpless, and I was not sure what made my son act that way. During holidays I sat with him, encouraged him saying if he was not interested in Sciences he should pursue another field. We both agreed to talk to the advisor and met his advisor. The advisor suggested that he should bring up his GPA and then he could change his majors. So for the 2nd year first semester; my son registered the courses he felt comfortable. He was doing fine till half way through the semester and once again stopped doing assignments towards the end of the semester. Initially I checked his grades on the college portal and stopped doing it half way through the semester, as I did not want him to feel that I was behind his back all the time and also thought I should not baby sit him, but give him some space. He had to learn on his own to make himself accountable since he was now a college second year student. We felt that he was kind of going into depression as he would eat too much sometimes.

Whenever we reach him on phone he usually responds. He either answers the phone or atleast replies via text. Last week, which was the final week of classes before fall exams, I and my wife tried to reach him on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. He had not responded to our calls. My wife saw that he was on whatsapp on Monday and Tuesday but did not even acknowledge our calls. We both started to fear and on Wednesday we did not see him using Whatsapp. We both had bad thoughts as to what might have happened and why he was not answering. On Thursday, I was working from home and praying to our Sai of and on to make sure everything should be ok with my son. In the afternoon around 2:30 pm I was going to leave for work and as per my routine before I left home, I tried to make a point to enter puja room, see Sri Sai's picture and step out. I stepped into the Puja room, kneeled before Sri Sai and earnestly prayed to Him saying, "Baba please bless my son. Please make sure that he is safe. I am not sure what condition/situation he is in or he ran into. He usually acknowledges if he cannot talk, but we haven't heard from him. I am feeling scared. You are my only hope. Baba please give me an indication that he is safe, that is all I need". I left home around 2:30 pm and by 2:40 pm my son acknowledged to my text that I had sent the previous night. It was a total surprise. My joy knew no bounds when our Sai answered my sincere prayer. I was so excited. I thanked Baba and replied to my son thanking him for responding back.

I want to iterate to all devotes to keep faith in our Baba. He has and will answer our earnest prayers. This is a great experience especially after all the anxiety that both me and my wife had for the previous 2 to 3 days. Dear devotees I am not sure why my son is acting the way he is with his academics. It may be my inexperience in dealing with him on the issue, but I am sincerely praying our Baba to help him correct his attitude when dealing with studies and atleast work towards obtaining decent grades and not lie about his studies. I am requesting all of you to keep him in your prayers for improving his attitude and focus towards studies. My prayers to Sri Sai are to make him responsible and get his work done and graduate him without any issues and delays. I can only hope that our Baba will answer my prayers. May Sri Sai bless everyone.

Om Sai, Sri Sai, Jaya Jaya Sai.

Source: As Narrated by a devotee from USA.

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