Sai Leela-315 - Baba rescued his devotee from darkness


This incident happened to a devotee who once planned to travel with his family to an outstation. They planned to start a bit late in the evening to avoid traffic in the by pass road. As planned they started little late and It became very dark while they were going and suddenly the car got repaired (Tyre puncture). They tried all means but in vein. Except one person all the family members were ladies and the safety of them became a very big concern in middle of by pass that too in a very dark place.

There was no signal in any of their mobile phones and so they couldn't contact anyone. Worried so much they waited if someone could come in for their rescue. They could not find even a light.

After praying sincerely to Baba, suddenly a person in a 2 wheeler appeared and stopped nearby the vehicle and enquired for any help. He introduced himself as a 2 wheeler mechanic and said that he would repair the puncture. He added he is not professional in car puncture but said he would the car ready to use as an emergency so that they could drive the car to nearby city which is 20 kms and get the car repaired there. So he helped them with car puncture and then everything went on smooth after that.

Thus Baba when prayed sincerely, would come to rescue of his devotee wherever they are in this world. Thus Baba rescued his devotee's come out of from darkness.

As Narrated by a devotee of Baba.

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