Leela -254 - Baba Miracles in my Life


I am born and brought up in a lower middle class family in Hyderabad and I have completed my MBA and have around 8 years of experience in a MNC company, married and joined my husband in USA.

I am a devotee of Baba since my childhood. He showed many miracles in my life till now. I was introduced to Him by one of my relatives, she gave Udi. One day I was suffering with severe fever and headache so my mom applied it on my forehead and after an hour I woke up normally. That day we had decided to worship Him.

Till my graduation my days were going good but in final year of B.com I failed in 2 subjects and I was very depressed and started praying Baba and preparing for supplementary. On the day of the exam I was rushing to college and before entering class I saw Baba’s picture and just prayed Him in my heart and went inside. After coming back from my exam to home I have seen Udi applied on my forehead. I was so surprised and finally results came and I had passed in my exams. But as I had wasted one year I was working in a training institution.

After that due to poor financial condition I couldn't apply for MBA which was my dream and applied for M.Com but was not convinced. I started praying Baba. Suddenly one of my friends called me and said it was easy to apply and explained the procedure and the money whatever I had saved I kept aside. At that point of time I prayed to Baba that I am keeping everything in Your hands. You should do it. Then I met a girl at bus stop, she was carrying MBA books. I spoke to her she took me to her college and the management agreed to give me seat in the college. One day she took me to her house, a big Baba’s photo was there and she said even she was a strong believer of Baba. I believe Baba only came through her and I got admission and after joining the college daily I prayed to Baba that I should pass in first division and get a job before completing my MBA and it was a big miracle. After completing last exam exactly after one week on the same day I had an offer letter from a very big MNC Company. I came home very happily and to my surprise there was Shirdi prasadam on the table in my home. I thought I should visit Shirdi with my first salary and I alone with my parents was travelling. Our journey started, we crossed 3 stops in the bus and I received a call from my college that results were out and I was the college topper. I couldn't control my happiness at that point. I have many miracles hopefully I will start posting regularly. Today for the first time I am sharing as such I have shared only few.

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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