Leela -239 - Sai Gift on my Birthday

Sai devotee Sugan from India says: Om Sairam. Sai Baba please bless everyone, I am writing this post to share Babaís miracle on my birthday, I experienced many miracle since I became devotee of Shri Sai. Baba always helps me to solve my questions and gives answer in any form. He is always with me and I fear not to face anything in this world alone as He always protects me.

This experience is on my birthday, August 2016. I went to Shirdi in March and wanted to attend kakad arti but somehow as I was tired and there was long queue so I could not attend, but there was something within me which said that I should come and attend kakad arti on my birthday in August and take Sai blessings the first thing in morning. So I promised myself that I will come in August to take Saiís blessings on my birthday. So the months passed from March and I was waiting for my birthday to visit Shirdi to take Saiís blessings. Also I knew in my heart that Baba will definitely bless me with His gift and I prayed as well that I want blessings in form on gift from You. Sai Baba always knows your heart if you pray with devotion, love and patience.

So I pre booked all the bookings for kakad arati and on the day of my birthday, I along with my mother went to attend kakad arti to take Shri Saiís blessings and it was such a beautiful moment that Sai was looking at me and blessing me for all His ways. I took blessings and came back to hotel, slept for some time and again went for Sai darshan with prasad, as I knew He will bless me with gift, may be in form of flower from the priest there. So I took darshan but I hadnít received anything from darbaar, yet I had hope and I went to Gurusthan as I wanted to have neem leaf this time which had in my mind that it will cure my illness as I have some skin problem and I wanted the leaf at any cost. So I waited long, as there I could not find any leaf around, also many people were searching for it. Itís hard to find single leaf around that place but still I prayed and took many rounds of neem tree, opening my hands and stood at one place thinking may be one will fall as Saiís gift for me. Suddenly a man standing to me asked if I wanted and was looking for neem leaf. I just shook my head as yes and he handed over 3 neem leaves in my hand, till the time I could understand and say thanks and offer him my birthday prasad he left, my God I just realised that Sai gave me my birthday gift in form of leaves as I wanted to have it to cure my illness and that too three leaves people canít find even one. I was so happy and thanked God multiple times for His blessings and loving me as His child. Fortunate are those who are blessed.

Sai has given me utmost love and care and I know that He is the only one who will cure me and always be with me. Itís just a miracle that I got for what I wanted as gift on my birthday. Thank You Sai for Your love, my whole life is on Your lotus feet and I will follow the path guided by You. Om Sai Ram.

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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