Leela -259 - Baba healed off my Baby's fever in Few Hours


Hi everyone. I am Dr Priyanka and I am married, settled in Bangalore and have a little son named as Trishaan. Hello, Sai Ram to everyone. First I would like to say thanks to everyone who are involved in creating this blog as it is a common platform for everyone to share their Baba’s experiences along with happiness. This is my first post. I would like to pranam and say lots of thanks to Sai Baba for giving such a beautiful life.

Yesterday mid night my son who is 10 months old, got fever all of sudden and temperature increased to 101.7 degrees. As Soon i got to know about it immediately I started praying Baba and put hand over his forehead and chanted Sai Baba’s name for 108 times. And I Prayed that I would be posting my experience if baby's fever goes off. So here I am. Even though I had given syrup, but I strongly believe that it was because of Baba's blessing, within 3 hours fever had completely gone and baby was very active and fever free. Usually with one dose of syrup fever might decrease it won’t go completely. Whenever or whichever work will turn positively for me, I happen to see Baba’s picture anywhere may be over vehicles, in mobile, or in any posters. I just want to pray Sai Baba to help me to establish hospital of my own and to start working. Sarve Jano Sukhino Bavanthu. Keep blessing everyone Baba. Om Sai Ram.

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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