Sai Leela-298 - Baba is Helping me all the times


Anonymous Devotee from US says: Om Sai Ram, I am small devotee of our Baba. Thank You very much Baba for being with me all the time. You are protecting me and guiding me and You are like my biggest supporting pillar. Thank you so much Hetal ji and entire team for posting all the Baba devotees’ experiences. All of them are very inspiring in our daily life. I read them almost everyday. It gives us more energy and informational about Baba prayers like Nav Guruvar Vrat, Sai Divya Pooja etc. Om Sai Ram. 

Today (Thursday) is my 8th week Nav Guruvar Vrat. So Yesterday I cleaned home and all God's photos, made ready everything. I kept alarm for 5:10 but I got up early than that time with a bad dream. It made me so scared. Then I didn't get sleep at all. Any way I thought not to waste time without sleep so I got ready for Pooja like making Prasad and did milk Abhishek for Baba. I finished Vrat. I went early to temple for morning Aarti. Mainly I was bit worried about couple of things. I went to my kid's school conference. Wherever I go I always see Baba's picture. I started from home and then parked the vehicle at school. I then saw Lord Venkateswara Swamy’s picture and entered the school. I was bit quiet in front of teacher. Here is the Baba's miracle it was incredible feedback and results he showed me about the academics. I was so happy to hear that. Thank You So Much Baba. Thousands of Pranams to You Baba. 

I was waiting for one letter from yesterday. Then I checked Baba's question and answer site. I always kept getting that, “letter will be received soon” and it came on Thursday. Before going to school I saw mail person but didn't have time to check that. As soon as I was back from school I saw letter lying on the table. I was so happy to see that. Baba You made my day, I am very happy today. Thank You to Baba, Goddess Durga maa, Lord Bala ji and Lord Ayyappa, Lord Shiva too. I learned lesson that we should have faith on Baba and leave everything on Him so He will handle all. Baba please help all the people who are in need. Please Bless with good health and happy family. Thank You So much. Om Sai Ram.




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