Leela -247 - Sai Miracle on my Health


 I am a small devotee of Sai Baba from last 8 years, I am a Sai son from Delhi (India). Before writing my experience I would like say all Sai devotees that in the world of Sai, if you completely surrounded to His lotus feet and have faith in Sai, then no negative power can get near you.

I am diabetic and cholesterol patient from last 13 years, but under control with medication (allopathic). One month back I had symptoms of burning sensation in the low left below rib cage. My wife is from medical background she advised me to undertake ultrasound. I was nightmare/shocked after seeing the abnormal result from the test, found 2 kidney stone of 6mm left, sludge in gallbladder of 7mm, fatty liver. Radiologist had told if the sludge in gallbladder increased to 1 cm then the bladder needs to be removed. But I had full faith in Sai that the abnormal result will become normal. These days we are more used to homeopathic treatment in family because of no side effects. Immediately I took appointment with doctor and he advised me to take medicine for one and half month and then to repeat the ultra sound. From last two year every day my daily routine starts with reading Sai Satcharitra one chapter daily and reading of experience of Sai devotees. After one and half month, I took a complete health check-up, on that day in morning I took Udi mixed with water and urged to Sai that all my test report should be normal.

Dear devotee you cannot believe that in report results there was no traces of stone in kidneys, no sludge in gall bladder, fatty liver had become mild apart from above cholesterol had dropped to low and all parameters were in normal range. This all was due to strong faith in Sai and His grace. I have two more vow with Sai, one for my son and another for my career, because we are all children of Sai. He is our father and He can only fulfill all the wishes and remove our suffering. Devotees keep faith in Sai, Baba knows what is best for us! Om Sai Ram.

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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