Baba saved Santharam Moreshwar Phance and Shri Kakasaheb Dixit from Tiger


Kakasaheb Dixit


On 31-3-1915, myself and Santharam Moreshwar Phanse were going on Government work through a thick jungle in a bullock cart at night. We packed from Dahanu Taluka through Ranshet pass., the bulls of our cart' became restive. The cart itself pushed backwards. We tried to find out the reasons, but could not discover it. Beyond this place, there was a preci­pice. On the left side in front of carriage, beyond the road, an axle pin was broken and visible. If the cart would shalce then the whole of the cart would roll back and fall on us. Mean while Santharam pointed out his finger at something. I looked in front. There was a fierce tiger with its face to the south and its tail to the north. It started at the cart. If we did not get down on the back side of the cart and direct the wheel by the hand, if the bulls were only a bit terrified, then the cart could roll down the hill side. If we got down the cruel creature in front of us was ready to jump on us with

open mouth. Phanse was bold by nature. He told me to hold the reins of the bulls. I had not the courage to sit and hold the reins. Out of the two bulls one bent its knees and fell on the ground as though its legs were broken. I could not see what was to be done. My throat became dry and was strained. By Purva Punya, I felt that Sai would do the right and Sai Baba would save us from the danger. I shouted while in the carriage "Jaya Shri Sai Baba. Run up". Then the tiger got up, turned its face towards our cart and jumped away on our right side. I continued to shout aloud when the tiger passed by. Our bulls were terrified and they began to ran fast. Thus made us escape from the danger. Instead of saying so, it is better to say that the "Namasmaran of our Sadguru Saved us."

Surrender Shri Sai Completely ! stupendous Delectation   and Deliverance be there !!


Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.

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