It is by the grace of Baba I got Married



I would like to share my experience on how our one almighty god sai baba solved my problems in my marriage.Please forgive me baba for not sharing the experience for so long time.

After my elder brother's marriage in early 2009,My parents started looking for a match for me and I always used turn it down. Slowly I realized  the pressure building on me. They probably had a sense of why I am not interested. When they asked me finally in 2010,I conveyed them that I will marry the girl whom I accepted as my life partner. Since then I had bit tough time convincing my parents about it. My Parents are worried as they did not know anything about her by then and so they did not accept it.

At once, my father did not talk to me for few weeks. I am very poor in communicating and making them understand. At this tough time, I slowly convinced my mother. Infact it is not me, It is  by the grace of baba and my growing faith on the sai, my mother is convinced, though some minor worries were haunting her.

I live in America and after few weeks, I fly home to settle all these matters and get married. My father, as I remember, did not talk to me till I reach home. As soon as he saw me, he felt very happy as he was missing talking to me for long time. After couple of days, we sat together and get through the problems very easily. This would never have happened without the Baba's blessing.

I thought it is definitely going to be rough path ahead convincing my parents and she convincing her parents. But in short time, baba led the way for us by all his miracles. I got married approximately after a week and every one was happy. But, there are still some minor issues between my parents and their parents that are yet to be fixed. Few times, I am worried on these issues. But I know that our beloved sai is always beside me all the times to get me through all these hiccups.

 Anantha Koti brahmanda nayaka rajadi raja yogi raja para brahma sri sri sri satchitanandha sadguru SAI NATH MAHARAJ ki jai.

O Baba,Bless everyone with Health, Wealth, happiness, willing to help and do good to others.

Forgive me if my writing in anyway is not communicating what I meant to. What I want to say finally is that one should have firm faith on Baba and then see how Baba helps you get pass through with all the hurdles in the life.


Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.

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