Is Saibaba living and helping now?

óBy Mrs. G.S.Devi (Saisudha - 1944)

Sai Baba declared that those who think that HE was at Shirdi did not understand Him. He further declared He did not require any conveyance to go anywhere. It is stated that in Chap 40 of SSC, when the devotees surrender themselves completely to Sadguru, He sees that the religious function in their houses are duly executed and comply with all the necessary formalities. Let us know from the narration given by Mrs.GS.Devi in Sai Sudha of May 1944 that the above statements are true to the word and letter:

HH BV Narasimha Swamiji, Founder President AISS visited Konakandla village in Ananthapur district of AP on 28-2-1944.He was taken in a procession, ofcourse with Sainath's photo with full honours to the residence of the Host, Sri Venkoba Rao.The person resembling a fakir with a dirty and torn cloth, bundle of rags on his head and old papers bundle in his hands accompanied them in the procession. He even took Arathi with Pujya Narasimha Swamiji,three persons observed him but thinking he is a mad man they ignored.Pujya Swamiji distributed thirtha, prasad to the devotees present. This fakir went to some other house and had his food. He came to Swamiji again and remarked "Are you meeting me tomorrow at Vajrakarur Mister?" This he asked in english (We know that Baba used to speak all languages including english from the statement of Shama to HH BV NarasimhaSwamy). Venkoba Rao felt the fakir was disturbing Pujya Swamiji and asked him to leave the place.

That night Mrs GS Devi had a dream in which she saw a 6 yr old known boy addressing her "Aunty, Aunty What is this sleep? Food without Ghee was served, I was driven out thinking I was a mad man by your brother, Did you notice?"

She was initially confused on hearing this but later caught hold of boy's feet and repented for what had happened. Sri Venkoba Rao was informed of this dream at the time of Thursday Puja. On hearing this he and his wife took a vow not to touch food till the fakir comes in the same fashion. On the second day evening at 8 pm "Baba" entered their house, Venkoba Rao without taking any chance fell on the fakir's feet. He offered hot milk and delicious food. Mrs Devi expressed her desire of writing Sri Sai Charitra and sought His blessings. He advised her to go to Shirdi for a reply. He advised Mr and Mrs Rao to have food as they didnot have anything for the past two days. Though He wanted to tell about some wordly problems they did not give any chance because again Maya would play her part. Later he took rest and left.

Dear readers, What a fine message Baba has conveyed through the above incidence. Let us call Him from the bottom of our heart and enjoy His bliss. He declared "I rest where there is full devotion".



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