Sai Leela-278 - Sai Satcharitra's Miracle


Hi all Sai Baba devotees, I'm Praveena from India. I belong to a middle class family and this is my first experience that I am posting here on this blog. I started praying to Baba recently, no one insisted me. It was like Baba Himself grabbed me into His Sai kingdom. Please donít disclose my email id. So let me describe my experience here and I would like to thank Hetal ma'am for creating this wonderful blog. Kindly make changes if any edits has to be done.

So this is what happened, I used to pray Baba Swami sincerely, at times I even cry while praying I don't know why. My sister is married and she lives in US and it has been 3 years since I saw her. I used to cry at times that I miss my akka (sister) a lot. Then later I went to Sai Baba temple at Mylapore. I touched His lotus feet and prayed to Him. It was truly a bliss and then I got Sai Satcharitra book there, kept that book on Baba's lap and then I touched His lotus feet and I prayed. So I decided to read that book, it has been just two days since I started reading it. Yesterday I started reading it (Thursday) just finished 2 and half chapters, suddenly I got a call from sister when I was reading it. I lighted lamps and took arthi and I started reading it whole heartedly. All off a sudden My akka called me and told me to come on video call. I called her she told me what would I do if she came within ten days to India? I was so happy on hearing that, my joy knew no bounds!

We didn't even expect that my sister will come this month, I used to crave to see my akka, I used to miss her a lot. Now by Babaís grace my wishes are slowly coming true. I would even like to describe another experience, when I was travelling to temple with my dad, I was thinking myself if Baba really loved me then He had to wear the same colour dress that I was wearing. I was wearing a kind of green and pink chudi and to my surprise when I stepped into the temple I saw Baba was wrapped on that pink color shawl. I was so happy on seeing that. Likewise whenever I stay alone at home I could feel Baba Swami's presence. Love You a lot Sai Baba Swami, be with us and bless us all throughout! Shri Satchinada Sadhguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jay!! Om Sai Ram!




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