Saibaba curing father from Brain Hemorrhage and passing in Exams




It was feb 2006, when my father suffered from Brain Hemorrhage . My mother passed away long back when I was all of 7. So actually there was only my father who struggled & brought up his kids. There were no relatives coz they never bothered to care of us.
My sis was working & my bro. jobless & me studying. One fine morning, at around 6am I was asleep...suddenly I woke up with a sound of something ....I saw my father lying on floor....I rushed & picked him up ....full of panic I cried for help to my Bro & sis . It appeared to us as if he was not fully consious...though he was speaking to us....but no sense it made. We called up doctor.
He was our family doctor & was very well aware of the family situation . He told us to not to get panicked & take him for CT Scan.He told us this could be Brain Hemorrhage . We all were still & looking at each other....with all fright & confusion of what to do...

Till afternoon we somehow managed....he was vomiting everything we gave him to eat....by afternoon...papa became so weak that he could not even stand withput some one's support.....we took him to CT Scan. that was terrible ...I am still shivering with my voice choked & tears flowing....How my bro & sis were managing him to the place & carrying him O Sai! How painful it was....

By evening the report came...& it was Brain Hemorrhage !

We all were dependent on our Doctor coz we had no one around us....he became God to us...None of us knew what Brain Hemorrhage actually was , all we knew was that our father is in a critical situation.

We asked if we have to admit him to hospital....Doc. knew that we won't be able to manage the expenses & other things so he said...let him be at home....but you call a relative soon!

This was a very big question for us of whom to call! My bro said we can't call anybody but the Doc.said , I want to meet some elder person in ur family ASAP.

that was the first day....as the night approached...we faced worse things....my father started talking things with no sense....he did not sleep whole night & complained of terrible Headache....we kept requesting...plz sleep Papa....but he could not...so we all kept awaken all night. Some how my sis called up our Uncle.

I don't know how but he said that he'll come in a day or two. Papa's condition was Worsening day after day...Doctor kept giving us support by his words....We all were having sleepless nights & all night we helplessley watch our father suffer miserably....I would sit near him with my eyes fixed on Baba questioning him" Baba, what do you want from Papa? He has suffered all his life....No other father can give what he has given to us, then for what are you punishing him?"

whole night we would weep & pray....

On the fourth day my uncle & Aunt came.....it was then that The Doctor actually told us that Papa was in a very critical position & we need to admit him at the earliest. He told us the expenses in operation & all. May Baba bless my uncle did his best efforts to save my father.

After that things moved in a fast manner....we needed money for the surgery...I prayed to Baba to show us a way...finally Papa's bank came fwd & provided us funds...the formalities were completed in no time...

We live in a small town & had to admit him good hospital in a city some 40 km from our place. We arranged it for the Feb 27th though we wanted it ASAP.
On Feb 26th...my Uncle happen to meet a Gentleman coincidently my uncle & the Gentleman had the same Guru...! They both had met in a function...but didn't take each other's details.....
Later I came to know it was all Baba's plan coz that very Gentleman supported us like anything....he didn't allowed us to wait...& offered his car to take papa to hospital.
Same night Papa was admitted to hospital & his surgery planned for Feb 27. Same day I had my exam too....I was terrified....I could not utter a single word before the panel....& cried my heart out.

Papa's surgery was successful. After few days my uncle left as he had some engagements. Three of us were alone again....I was terrified to see my papa in ICU Talking with no sense at all....the person who sacrificed everyhting for his kids was suffering like this.....I kept praying to Baba to free him from pain...

Days passed on...Papa was finally allowed to get discharge on march 12...though he was still not fully fit...We asked doctors if it was safe coz he was still not in his full senses....but they said in any case it'll take 2-3 months for him to get fully recover. We didn't have any option coz we didn't had enough funds to keep him in hospital.

With few doubts & fear we took him back to home.....my examination started the two days after papa got discharged. As it is obvious I could not study at all....& whatever I had studied till Jan. was completely washed out. In hospital my friends would come & encourage me to study but....just cud not.

I gave all my examinations hoping Baba will do what is right & kept praying to Baba . that time I didn't know much abt Baba, Though Baba came in to my life very early but somehow I didn't tried to know more abt him. I just knew one God & that was Shirdi Sai Baba. All my prayers were with full of devotion & he never turned them down.

I was giving my examinations & serving Papa ....Papa was fast recovering....I didn't realize it much coz I was worried for my exams , considering my studies I say there was no hope at all.

In April my exams finished by that time my father was very fine except for the weigh he lost....he was a bit weak but he was in full senses & even wanted to start office too.

By May 06, everything got fine ....papa started going to office, By Baba's grace we got so much support...first it was my uncle then it was Papa's chairman who allowed him to rest as much as he wants...came home to see him & transfered him to the nearest branch to our home.

In June my result came....I didn't want to face it as I knew what all I had written . Baba did it again....I cleared the exams. It was 58% I could not believe it. I thanked Baba for saving me....I have been studious never got percentage less than 70...this time I was on verge of getting failed but Baba saved me!!!

Isn't this all a miracle??

Can a person suffered from Brain Hemorrhage stay at home for a week without surgery & still survive??

Any Doctor would straight away say "NO"

but my papa survived!!!

Any Doctor would say that a Brain Hemorrhage patients takes atleast 3-4 months to get fully fit.

but my papa got fully recovered with in 1.5 months!!!

Even when we went to see the docotor who did his surgery...he was so amazed to see my father fully fit. He himself told my papa that you are very lucky to have been saved after such delay in surgery.

Then I got passed...when there was no hope at all! what would you call it?

Yes , it was a miracle & my Baba did it. I didn't chant any jaap, I didn't went to temple to see him, I didn't keep any fast. I even didn't know anything abt Baba's udi. In all I did nothing nothing except I remembered him & prayed to him.
Baba listened to my prayers & rushed to save my father....he kept us strong enough to face all this & kept my papa strong to face all the misrable pain till he gone through the suregery! He sent my Uncle & made him do everything that he could.

I have no words....what my father & all three of us gone through....it was our karmas I accept but Baba did everthing to minimize our sufferings!

Now my father is fully fit & is at all time high in terms of Weigh! After all this a very good thing happened that he gave up smoking!

How lucky we are to have Baba , he doesn't ask for anything.....except faith & patience.

Seriously....he was with me always but I was foolish that I never tried to know abt him....plz forgive me for my ignorance Baba. I love you.

now, Baba has blessed me with faith & patience & each day I am learning so much abt his preachings.

Thanks so much Baba, plz be with papa everytime. He deserves so much happiness. He's the best father in the world!

I love you Sai BABA

Om Sai Ram!


Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.


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