Sai Leela-318 - Miraculous Medicine - Baba's UDI


Here I would like to narrate about a leela which happened last week in my house.

My Husband had gone through a Major Operation couple of month's back in the stomach and was under treatment. Doctor had advised to take care since it was a major surgery and not to cough or sneeze since the stitches may get affected.

Suddenly last week he started developing severe cold and this brought in cough which was very high. On the evening he started coughing / sneezing so hard and this started giving him severe pain in the operated area. We were very afraid about the stitches in the stomach. Continuous Cough & Sneezing led to severe pain in the affected area and the pain was intolerable and it was still continuing inspite of taking medicines.

Finally the thought of Baba's Udi came and we applied UDI all over the throat and in his stomach. Believe it or not in some time Cough got totally reduced as well as his Stomach Pain and he slept peacefully.

Baba’s UDI is really a miracle medicine which can cure anything if applied with real faith.

Sri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

As narrated by a devotee of Dhwarakamai

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