Sai saves the surrendered


My daughter kum. Niveditha is an ardent devotee of Shri Sai Baba. She was studying B.A. 2nd year in Govt. College, Nandyal in the year 1983. Her examination commenced from 18-5-1983. Every day evening, after her return from the college she used to inform me that she fared well in that day’s subject by Baba’s grace. But on 23rd May, 1983, I observed her returning home in said and disappointing mood. On enquiry, she, with tears in her eyes, expressed that her hope of passing the 2nd B.A. had vanished due to her failure to write the correct answers in that day’s paper Economics. Quite sobbing, she narrated that she answered the minimum number of questions in ‘Economics’ paper, and for one question she wrote an altogether different answer which was incorrect and unconcerned  to that given question. She answered only the minimum number of questions and as she wrote a wrong answer to one question out of that minimum number for which she would get no marks, leaving aside getting minus marks, she was sure of her failure in the 2nd B.A.

I consoled her and definitely assured her that her trusted Baba would never let her down to court failure in the examination. With tears rolling still from her eyes, she explained that she threw her entire responsibility and burden on Shri Sai Baba in answering all the question papers of previous examinations and similarly on that day too with trusted confidence in Sai Baba, she entered the examination hall and answered the questions in ‘Economics’ paper to the best of her satisfaction thinking that all her answers to the relevant questions were quite correct. But after friends, she came to know that her answer to a particular questions was incorrect and unconcerned and as such her failure in the examinationwas definite.

I encouragingly told her that she did not write the wrong answer to that particular question of her own accord. As she answered all the questions in the previous papers completely relying on Sai Baba’s mercy, she did the same in answering the questions in ‘Economics’ paper of that day and as such there was no need and necessity to discuss at large whether her answer to a particular question in ‘Economics’ paper was correct or incorrect. Her complete surrender at the lotus feet of Shri Sai Baba alone would make the valuation officer feel that the wrong answer written by her was the correct and appropriate one to give good marks. I repeatedly assured her of her definite success in the 2nd B.A. irrespective of her correct or incorrect answering of all the papers of 2nd B.A., as those who cast there burden on Shri Sai baba would never face a mockery in the public. Then and there, alongwith kum. Niveditha, I vowed to visit Shirdi with my family. If kum. Niveditha came out successful in her 2nd B.A. examination.

However much I was encouraging and assuring her of success in the examination, as an ordinary student, she had her own doubts about her success, whenever the feeling that she wrote a wrong answer tone question in the minimum question she answered in ‘Economics’ flashed on her mind.

One day, when she went to the college as usual her friend took her to the college office to know their results as the particulars of results of 2nd B.A. were received in the office quite hesitatingly she followed her friends to the office to know the expected doom of her failure.

Lo ! to the surprise of kum. Niveditha and much to the astonishment of all her friends, she was informed of her passing in the examination in all the subjects. She came home in the evening in the happiest mood and informed me that Baba made her pass in her 2nd B.A. in all the subjects and our joy knew no bounds. We offered humble pranams to the all merciful Sai baba, who would reverse any matter to bless. His trusted devotees.

As per promised vow, we all went to Shirdi and offered our sincere prayers to Shri Sai Baba in the Samadhi Mandir and Dwarakamayi for the kindest blessings that He showered on kum. Niveditha in securing success in 2nd B.A. in all subjects despite a wrong answer to one of the minimum questions in ‘Economics’.

One who surrenders completely to Shri Sai Baba with Nishtha and Saburi, casting the entire burden and responsibility on him, would never face any unpleasentness or failure in any walk of life, irrespective of any odds and inconveniences even to-day after His Mahasamadhi in 1918.Shri Sai baba always rushes to rescue his devotee and to crown him with laurels of success in all undertakings, irrespective of time and place provided the devotee completely surrenders to Baba with Nishtha and Saburi.


D.L. Kanta Rao
Kurnool Dist (A.P)  

Source : saileela Magazine

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