Sai Leela-287 - Thank You Baba for curing my Baby


Myself, Parvati, from India.Thank You Baba For Curing My babyís skin problem and taking care of her always and assuring me in my dream about her safety.

I am Parvati, from India, a small devotee of Baba. Without Baba I am nothing. Thank You Baba for always being with me and my family. This is my fourth post on this wonderful blog and this blog has become my part of life as I keep reading and it helps me a lot. Hello and Om Sai Ram to all my Sai Brothers and Sisters. Sorry Baba, as I had promised You that I would post my this experience, but posting it little late. Help me to write this experience. With this experience, I am also sharing my two dreams of Baba.

A month back, my 3 years old baby fell down due to which her lower abdomen area got hurt, and due to which there was swelling in lump node in that area and that area become black due to blood clot. I was so worried and I took her to the doctor. Doctor said to keep ice pack and it would settle down. It was looking very horrible. For one week I was applying Udi and ice pack so that the lump node goes and in few days it went. I was praying Baba continuously. After one week again in that area some skin rashes appeared. I was worried again, started thinking negative and was worried that these rashes should not spread on full body. I took my baby to the doctor again. Doctor said as it was localised there was nothing to worry, it was because of allergy and gave medicine. But I was worried and starting to think more and was thinking anything. I started making it relate with anything.

These rashes continued for one week and were spreading but only in that area. I was praying Baba to solve this problem from root and to stop it from spreading and was applying Udi. I promised Baba if this problem vanished I would share my this experience on this blog and in just two days all got disappeared and only marks were left. Doctor said marks would get lighter and disappear in 6 weeks. Thank You Baba for curing these problems. So today I am sharing my experience. And I am feeling so happy to share this. Thank You Baba, for always showering Your love, care and blessing on my Baby. You know she is my Life.

Now I will move to my Dreams. Yes, I will never forget that dream. I am a mother who always keeps thinking about her baby. Yes, even if she has cold I get very, very much worried. I donít allow my baby to go out in absence of me, even donít want to continue job, because I want to be with her all the time, this is the feeling which I keep with me. I always keep praying Baba, to take care of her. Whenever I read any bad news of kids in newspaper I get worried about her and pray Baba to keep her away from all problems, to keep her healthy, fit, happy, and successful. At night also I sleep by thinking all this only. One night Baba came in my dream, I saw He was giving Nine Blessings Coins to my baby; this dream wasÖ.I canít explain! I canít explain what I was feeling when I got up? By this dream Baba promised me that He will be with my Baby always and will take care of her. Thank You Baba, thanks a lot.

I have tied a Baba small pendant in my babyís neck when she was six months old, which my Husband brought from Shirdi and that pendant is still in her neck and today she is 3 years old. Why I am saying about this pendent is, one day my baby was having high fever she was 1 year old that time. Again I was worried and started crying and slept. In my Dream, Baba came in that Pendant way and it was like he was saying me I am there with your Baby, so nothing to worry. Again this dream I canít explain while writing all this now, I am feeling so happy. Thank You very much Baba. These dreams are like a life support system to me, because You know me. Thank You.

One more dream of Baba, yes, my first post was relating to how Baba made my husband free from alcohol addiction. Yes, during that time, it was very tough moment to me, as new born baby and addicted Husband. Due to Nav Guruvar Vrat, Parayan and Babaís blessings, today he is clean and sober. Yes during my Vrat also Baba came in my dream and He was helping me in my project and yes the project was making my husband free from addiction. I understood Your dream Baba. Thank You very much for being with me and my family always. I Love You Baba, never let me and my family alone. I was supposed to write in short, but donít know how but made this post long. Before starting I was worried how to start and asked Baba to help and I am ready with this big post. Everything is possible with You, Baba. Thanks a lot. Baba always keep blessing Your all children and be with all of us always. We all need You .Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram, Hare Hare Krishna, Radhe Radhe Shyam. Om Shree Sainathaya Namaha.



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