Baba showed the path in pitch black dark !!!

by Aditya Vikram

I was once returning with my family from Lake Land Country Club at around 10 p.m. I was on Kona Expressway, it was totally dark, with no street light and open stretches of fields on both the sides. Suddenly, a car started honking from behind, and in a short while it overtook our car. In a short while we realised that the driver of the other car was asking us to stop, when we did, he informed us that our car’s one tyre had punctured.

I was instantly seized with fear, as my wife and children were with me; the battery of my mobile was completely discharged; so there was no way I could call for help, besides, there was not a soul in sight to help. I also recalled that, that area was infested with robbers.

I started praying to Sai Baba. I told my family that I was going out of the car to seek help, and told them not to open the doors of the car, whatever, the reason be. I began to walk in the dark. It was eerie, with not a soul in sight, fear gripping me; I was earnestly besieging Baba to miraculously come to my aid.

After sometime, I noticed a light coming from a distance, as I hastened my step, I saw a small shop. I started running, when I reached the shop I asked the shopkeeper, if he had a phone or mobile, to which he replied ‘no’. I asked him, if there was a garage nearby, to which he again said ‘no’. I explained to him my problem and informed me that in the vicinity, there is a boy who knew how to repair cars.

As per his directions, I located the boy and explained to him my predicament, the boy agreed to come with me. In the dead of night, he changed the tyre. When I asked him, how much I should pay him, he said, “Rs. 20.” I sincerely thanked Baba for helping me in this dark place.

I sincerely believe that there is some sanity left in the world because of such kind souls. I pray to Baba to bestow on the young lad all the happiness in the world.

Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.

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