Baba Listens to devotees PUKAR


A few years back my wife had gone to Janakpuri to stay with our elder son for a few days. One morning I received a phone call from him, saying that mummy is very serious and to reach with Dr. Sudhir Verma immediately.

I along with my younger son and Dr.Verma reached Janakpuri. Dr.Verma diagnosed that my wife had a paralytic attack, in which her whole right side was immobilised and she would lose her power of speech. He advised that she be hospitalised immediately.

I was shocked with the thought that she will be handicapped for life, looking at others for mercy, even for a glass of water. In despair, I prayed and pleaded to Baba that in such condition it is better that she dies. I thought, I will not be able to see her in such a state when she has served the family with dedication and love.

After making arrangement for my wife to be shifted at a nursing home near Raja Garden, I went to get her, when I reached, I saw my son smiling and asking me to come up. I was taken aback by his smile; but when I reached my wife’s bed, I was in for surprise. My wife was fit and fine as if nothing had happened !

We hired a taxi and went to the nursing home where Dr. Verma was waiting at the entrance with a wheel chair and hospital staff to move her in. On seeing her alight from the taxi without support, he said, ‘‘Mr. Kapur, what am I seeing ?’’ ‘‘Doctor, you know better, your medical science,’’ I replied. Doctor said, ‘‘No, it is not medical science. Your Pukar has reached your Guru Sai and He has cured. You are blessed by Sai, no doubt.’’

- S. K. Kapur
187, Ambica Vihar,
New Delhi-110 087

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