Leela -233 - Baba gave me back my voice

I am S Subramanian a firm believer of Sai Baba. He is my lord of the universe. I am struggling for my life because of ill health. The following is the ailment for last 7 years :- 1) I am not able to walk properly because my right leg is numb; I have to take a walking stick for my movement freely. 2) I have slip disk so I have to wear the lumbar belt. 3) I had heart attack and pulmonary attack on July 13, 2015 and was admitted to Fortis hospital and was treated there. 4) For last 5 months I was not able to speak.

Sai Baba used to come in my dreams and say you come to my place; I will relieve you from all the pains of life. Sai Baba came and told me that you will get your voice. I had 200% faith in Sai Baba so I will speak. Sai Baba is present in all the places. I feel Sai Baba is always with me. First time in last 5 months and 8 days I have spoken and my voice has returned now, I can speak as I was speaking earlier with my voice. I along with my wife and kid went to Baba's Darbar. We had darshan inside the temple and were going towards the neem tree, which is the place where Baba used to sit. When I was standing near the neem tree and worshipping, I felt a hand moving from my head towards my neck and the hand pressed twice in my neck from backside. I felt it, a voice came and Sai Baba told me that "Ja beta teri murad puri kardi" (your wish is fulfilled ) and from now everything will work good for you. Sai Baba told me before you go out of Shirdi you will be able to speak ("Sai Baba bole aap shirdi ke iss pawan dharti se bahar jane ke pehle aap ki vaani aah jayegi"). I opened my eyes and I could see Sai Baba's photo, my son was standing beside me. I was trying to say "Om Sai Hari Sai, but the surprising thing was I could say it but not clearly. My son told me that papa sound is coming, you are speaking little little. My son gave me a hug, I was very happy. I went to the bhandara and had the Mahaprasad. Then I was going to the bus to come back, when I sat inside the bus I was trying to speak to my son and I could speak the complete sentence without any break and clearly, suddenly my son told that you have spoken complete sentence. I asked him what complete sentence, my son told now also you are asking what complete sentence only then I realised that I am able to speak. My son was hugging me and saying papa after so long I can hear your voice. I want to tell the whole world that I have felt Sai Baba and I believe He is always with me. Nobody can say anything about Sai Baba because I am a living example of the miracle of Sai Baba who has been blessed by Him. "Om Sai Hari Sai, Sai Ram bolo" "Om Sai Hari Sai, Sai Ram bolo" this is the miracle which has happened with me. I am happy that I am blessed by "Brahmanda Nayak, Sadguru, Sai Maharaj.

Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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