Saibaba's Love - Experience by Avinash Kaur - Part III


In my previous experience I mentioned that We offered a beautifull yellow colour cloth to Baba.Now I want to share with you that How Baba showed his love & care for me.

After that day when I had offered cloth to Baba I was waiting that when will Baba wear it?

I always went to temple with this hope that perhaps Baba will be in the dress I had offered but I did not see Baba in that cloth for 1-2 months.One day It was Thursday I was sitting on internet ans reading Baba's miracles.At my home there is Baba's pratima near my computer.I said to Baba that please wear it today.

In the evening we left house to go to Baba's temple and me & my mother were at stairs.I said to my mother with full confidence that today Baba will be wearing the dress that we offered him.

Even I don't recollect know how can I say it without seeing but I had a feeling inside.My mother did not say anything to me.We are sikh people and my mother is devotee of Gurunanak dev ji but every Thursday she accompanies me to the temple.When we went to temple I saw Baba in the clothes which we had offered him.My eyes were full of tears.I had no words to say .My mother was also surprised.

Oh my beloved Baba you take care of me and my faith as well as took care of my faith in front of my mother.You showed your love and affection to me.My baba always listen his children sincere prayers.

There are few lines that I write for my beloved baba.

Vo aankhein kisliye jinse agar aapko nahi dekha.
Vo sar kisliye jo aapke samne nahi jhukaya.
Vo haath kisliye jinse aapko namaskar nahi kiya.
Vo juban kisliye jisse aapka naam nahi liya.
Vo saas kisliye jisse aapki dhuni ki mehak nahi li.
Vo kaan kisliye jinse aapka naam nahi suna.
Vo paer kisliye jo chalkar aapke mandir nahi aaye

Jai Jai Sai Ram.



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