I Surrender to Baba


Mrs. Kavita Ravindra Agarwal


My family includes my husband, two children and me. We are today living a contented and happy life because of Baba’s blessings. We experience His blessings regularly. In fact, we believe that our life is the blessing of Sai Baba. And, I will also narrate to our Sai family, how this belief came into being.

Our family was in the habit of visiting any Sai temple, small or big in our vicinity for Baba’s Darshan. On June 4, 2009 we were present for the consecration of a Sai temple in Kharadegaon (Karad), which was built by a devotee with his own finance. On the occasion several Sai devotees from Karad, Masur and Kharade were also present. From morning 10 a.m. onward till evening we were enchanted by the Sai-filled environment. The function was so wonderful, that my husband, Dr. Ravindra Agarwal, clicked a few photos of Baba’s idol from his mobile, so that our daughters could see the photos.

When we returned home that evening, I narrated the day’s festivities to my elder daughter and started showing her the pictures. About 7-8 pictures were clicked; but none of them were clear. I could not comprehend the reason; because on examination we found that there was nothing wrong with the camera; we were mystified; but then after showing my daughter the two photos I had clicked from my mobile and retired to bed early as my husband was going to perform a surgery early next morning.

Next day my husband woke up and started from home at 4.30 a.m. We bid him farewell in a half awake state and then again went back to sleep. At 5.30 a.m. the phone rang and I started wondering who could be calling at such an hour. I also started getting apprehensive. When I took the call, I found it was my husband; he said, “Hello” and waited for a second. In that moment, I thought, he must have forgotten something. But, I felt the carpet being pulled from beneath my feet when he said, “Our vehicle has met with an accident, please come and take me.”

In that moment what I experienced was what any married woman will tell you. I was shaken up. I also started pondering, who will help me at such an early hour ? When this query arose in my mind, I thought of Sai and immediately ran to the shrine, prostrated before Baba and earnestly told Him, “You Alone will take care of us.”

I immediately called our family friend Dr. Kale, who agreed to help. He brought his car, and I left along with my daughter to the accident site. While on the way I was beseeched with thousands of thoughts like how badly is my husband hurt ? What will be the state in which we will see him ?

I started feeling a shiver of fear run through my body as the time was passing by. While at the same time I was also repeating Baba’s name. When I reached the accident site, I was shocked to see the state in which our vehicle was. My eyes were running around trying to get a glimpse of my husband, who was nowhere in sight. My heart was beating rapidly. When I looked at the smashed front portion of the vehicle, I kept wondering, what could have happened to my husband who was driving the car ?

Then I saw my husband walking with a few villagers from one direction. I immediately felt relief surging through me. The villagers had helped extricate him from the car. After seeing the damaged car, it was difficult to believe that the occupant was walking, when anyone could have questioned his survival ?

But, by Sai’s grace, my husband received only a minor one to his inner lips because of his teeth rubbing into them due to the impact of the accident; and a minor blow to his chest. The medical reports later proved he was fine. Incredible is that even the spectacles he was wearing was intact. Besides, the photo of Ganesh and Sai Baba on the dashboard ! What else can be called a Sai Leela !!

On returning home, my husband recalled the earlier day’s episode and started checking for Baba’s photo on the mobile. They were still unclear. A friend of ours, when he heard about the incident said, “Baba has pulled the calamity much earlier on Himself.” This must be true; because all the pictures clicked before and after that event were clear. Baba’s miracles are so mystifying and puzzling for a human mind to comprehend.

Baba has given our family a rebirth. I am touched that Baba’s compassion is there on our family. I pray to Baba to drench all the devotees with His love and compassion.

This incident has signified to us that Baba is with us every moment. We are praying to Baba that to bless our family, so that we do not make any mistakes in our life. We also humbly pray that Baba should shroud us with His love throughout our lives.

– Mrs. Kavita Ravindra Agarwal

Karad, Akola, Maharashtra.



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