Leela -235 - Baba's Aarthi

Om Sai Ram to all. I'm from India and work in a banking Sector. This is about how Baba called me to give His darshan. Since I work in a banking sector, I can only leave office after closing all the transactions. If I finish early on Thursdays I would visit Sai Mandir and attend Aarti. On Thursdays the Mandir will be filled with devotees. If we don't go early we can't get inside and must wait outside and sing aarti. There are two Baba here. One idol is placed outside the main dhyan hall. I used to buy flowers and offer them to the Baba seated outside. As many would give inside. 

This Friday (22-07-2016) we finished early and one of my colleague asked "Mam you are going to temple ah?" I said "no mam, I'm going home". She insisted me to go. I was a bit surprised. Then I thought may be Baba wants me to come. So I decided to go. While waiting for the bus I thought of buying flowers for both Baba. I thought I should buy yellow colour flower garland and pink rose as I was wearing Pink dress. But Sai ma thought differently. When I reached temple I went to the flower vendor and asked for two garlands. Then while seeing the roses, one orange coloured rose seemed to be appealing and I asked for two roses. At first there was only 1 and she asked me take a pink one. But I insisted on getting the orange roses. She searched and found two more. Since I bought more she gave me one extra rose. So I bought 3 roses and 2 garlands and went to meet Sai ma. At first I went to the Mandir outside. Baba was wearing a Red colour dress. I gave the garland and one rose there. The priest took my rose placed it on Baba's head and put the garland around His neck. He then gave me a piece of garland to me. I was very happy. Then I went inside and all were sitting for Aarti. Aarti was about to start and I was surprised again because I didn't think that I would be going for Aarti. But my Sai maa planned everything. I went to the priest to give the flowers. As soon as I went, he came fast and took the cover in my hand and looked inside. And he said to another priest who was standing near Baba "Rose came." And they took the garland and put it around Baba’s neck. Then they placed the rose on Baba’s head and one more on Baba’s lap. I was very happy. Surprise of all, Baba was wearing a dark coloured orange dress which matched with the rose. See how He planned everything ahead. He was waiting for me and made me sing the aarti. 

I don't know whether I deserve His so much love, but He never disappointed me. He always assured me that He is with me at all times. At any situation He holds me. At times of happiness He enjoys with me and at times of sorrow He holds me tight and comforts me. He is my everything. At one time I always used to get angry and fight with people. But nowadays even though I get angry, I try not to fight and its only because of Sai ma. I'm only ready to change for Him and He always leads me to the right path. I never want to leave His hand and He always pulls me back when I try to deviate. I request all devotees not to ask Baba for anything because He will give everything you deserve at the right time. He knows what is good and what is bad. He knows what lies ahead of us and He will plan accordingly. Never doubt His decision because He loves us unconditionally. He will never let anything harm us. He is our sole protector. He is present everywhere. Don't bargain with Him. He never asked anything from us except Patience and faith. So let us all keep thinking of Him and seeing Him. Om Sai Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai. 



Source: Shirdisaiexperiences.org

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