Sai Leela-312 - Baba appeared as a Stranger & cured Kidney Stone

This is the story of a devotee who suffered with kidney stone. Like everyone he wanted the stone to be removed without a surgery. But the doctor said it could be removed only through surgery as it is bigger in size. Finally he had no choice but to go with surgery. Feeling very much desperate, he went to a Baba temple nearby. Having prayed to Baba he sat in a corner of the temple. There he happened to meet a stranger who came and talked to him voluntarily. Initially he was not comfortable talking to him but later on they started discussing about many things about family etc.

While discussing he said to the stranger about his stone problem and he is going to undergo a surgery to remove it. The stranger consoled him and referred to a doctor who is an expert in treating patients with kidney stones and the best part is without a surgery. The man felt relieved but could not 100% believe the stranger. The stranger insisted him to meet the doctor and both of them left the place.

This person went to the doctor the next day gave all his reports and was eagerly waiting for the doctor to speak. The doctor after checking his reports had asked him to wait for 3 weeks and come back for a review, post which they can decide on the operation. He felt temporarily relieved and went home and thanked Baba and the stranger whom he met him in the temple. Every night he applied Udi (sacred ash) on his abdomen, drank the holy water (Udi mixed with water), prayed Baba sincerely and went to bed. The same continued throughout the 3 weeks.

He went to meet the doctor for a review. The doctor had asked him to take a scan and asked him to come the next day. As said by the doctor he went to the lab, did his scan got his report and went home before going to bed he as usual applied Udi and followed his routine and slept off. The next day is Thursday (an auspicious day of Baba) he started for the hospital and met the doctor. The doctor was even shocked to see the scan report and showed him and explained the report. This man couldnít believe what the doctor is saying. Yes, the miracle had happened and there is no trace of any stone and it looked very much healthy. The stone was already said to be bigger in size. If it had come out it sure would have caused pain to the person but nothing like that had happened. Either it should have come out without causing any pain to the person or it should have disappeared in a miraculous way. So lets not get much deeper into this as how it all happened, itís just the Godís way of things that happened. The point here is, NO MATTER HOW BIG THE PROBLEM IS HE IS ALWAYS THERE TO HELP US COME OUT OF IT. The problem which stood like a huge mountain for that person disappeared as if it never existed.

The best way to show our gratefulness to Baba is simply to share his leelaís so that people would gain benefit out of it. Im sure this leela of Baba would have created even more strong beliefs in people who are reading it out.

As Narrated by a devotee of Baba.

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