Baba's Control over Time and Circumstances

óBy Sai Devotee Akaash

Sai Ram,

It was the day of Makar Sankranti in 2011 and I wanted to be in Shirdi for baba's darshan. So I had taken the last night's bus from Pune.

As I didn't have much time, I had to come back to pune on the same day.

I had a very good darshan in the morning then came back again for a second round of darshan.

My return bus was schedule to leave at 10:30am. But I wanted to go Baba's prasadalay to have lunch as i didn't have breakfast and a lite dinner previous night.As the lunch in the prasadalaya serves at 11:30am i took my chance and went there inspite of chance of missing my bus.
I finished the wholesome lunch at 12 and came back to the lodge and was waiting in the lobby. Suddenly some person came to me and said pune bus is waiting outside.To my surprise it was the same bus that I had booked, but instead of leaving at 10:30 it left at 12:30 after I got in.

This was a sign from Baba that he can control even time and can create or change the circumstances to suit the needs of his devotees.



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