Sai Leela-325 - Baba helped me in my office problem


I am a devotee of our lord Sai from Australia. Thank you for this modern Satcharitra and an opportunity to be a part of this incredible journey. I want to share a few recent experiences with Baba.

1) I have just started a new job in Australia. I was really scared and tensed as to how the work environment would be and how would I be able to cope and prove my competence. I had few sleepless nights with anxiety before starting the job. I prayed to Baba and requested Him to bless me in my new job. As always with Baba’s grace the team I am entitled to work with is really international friendly and they welcomed me and made me feel at ease. I was relieved.

2) I had an important document to fax in the work place. But as it was already late at work I brought the paper with me at home so that next day morning I can take that along and fax. Unfortunately my husband decided to shred the unwanted papers that day and he shredded my paper also by mistake. When I realised my paper had gone I panicked because it was given by my senior to fax it. I prayed to Baba to show me the way to get out of the situation. After a big argument with my husband regarding the matter he advised me to check my emails because I generally get the documents from my seniors as Cc in the email. Luckily the document was there and I printed out the paper and the problem was resolved. It looks like a minor thing and but it was a major issue for me and Baba showed me the way too. There are many daily experiences where Baba comes to our rescue. It is a true miracle and blessing. I bow to Your lotus feet Baba and thank You from the core of my heart for being there whenever I remembered You. Om Sai Ram!


Source: Shirdi Sai Experience.

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