Sai Saved my Life

6th Dec. 2007 - Thane Railway Station -Platform II - Time 9.30 pm...

While waiting for the train to Dombivli, I was listening to a Sai-dhun on my mobile.

Just as the train entered the station, I moved a little forward. All of a sudden someone snatched my mobile, jumped onto the tracks, and ran away. The sudden jolt was tremendous and I fell on to the tracks. I saw death staring me in the face. As the headlights of the train came closer I could see the faces of all my family members. I prayed to Sai, “Now do what you wish.” Somehow, perhaps inspired by Sai I turned to my left and squeezed myself into a tiny bundle.

The motorman braked, but three bogies went over me before the train stopped. People on the platform screamed,” A lady has fallen under the train! She must be dead! Her body must be in pieces!!” But when I crawled out from the space between the two wheels, the people let out a hurrah! “The lady is safe! She is alive!!”

I was carrying a purse and a bag and was dressed in a salwar kameez with a dupatta, but there was not a scratch anywhere! Isn’t this a miracle? All my life I shall never forget that my Sai saved me and gave me a new lease of life.
Om Sai! Sri Sai ! Jai Jai Sai!


Mrs. Sonal Mohan Bhide [302, Om Satyendra Society, Rajaji Path, Street No. 2, Near Patkar School, Dombivli (East), District Thane, Maharashtra State.] :-

Bow to Shirdi Sai Baba -- Peace be to all.

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