Sai saved my Uncle

óBy Sai Devotee

My friendís family are devotees of Baba and their uncle is the person who introduced Sai to their family. He experienced many leelas which increased his faith on Baba.

One and half years back that uncle got involved in some scandal (partly his mistake may also be there ). Unknown persons were threatening him and they had burnt down one of his asset also to show their anger. All of us were very scared as we were worried about our uncle's safety. But after some days everything got stopped and things returned to normal life.

We thought everything was over but just one month back, murder of the person happened whom we suspected that he might be cause of threatening. And in investigation somehow police came to know about the scandal which happened one and half years back and they took our uncle as one of suspects to police station.

We were all shocked as we never expected such things will happen in reality that too to my friendís family. Because my friendís family is such a kind of family that knowingly or unknowingly they never makes the other person feel bad or unhappy and harming a person they donít even think of such thing in their dream. So we all didnít know what to do. They just left the entire burden on Baba and waited.

My uncle was in police station for more than one week and still we couldn't digest that. As Police were not able to find out the real culprit they were almost believing that our uncle has done that. No one knows how our uncle felt there? But when any of us went to see him, he will say that donít worry" Baba is there he will take care of everything".

He knows that he never did or can do such kind of thing so his Lord will protect him and will bring him out. We were all amazed to see how much faith he has on Sai. Even in that worst condition he didnít lose his faith. To some extent we all were disturbed and were not finding any solace but seeing our uncle's faith and complete surrender at Baba's feet we would just wonder ?

But after 2 or 3 days, really a miracle happened by Babaís grace. Police were able to find out the real culprit. They almost caught him but somehow he escaped from them. But now at least they believed and knew that my uncle is innocent. The police has the culprit and not a innocent person to charge guilty .

Then with in 4 days after completing some formalities they released my uncle. Now we all are waiting for the real person to get arrested so that case gets closed completely. We know that even that will happen soon with Babaís grace and we all are waiting for Babaís call to call us to shirdi. Hope it will happen soon. Before I close this Sai leela I can say confidently that without our Sai nothing would have been possible and our Uncle's faith and prayer won our Sai's heart and Baba blessed him innocent and protected HIM . JAI SAI RAM.



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