Baba lived in his physical body for about 60 years in a dilapidated mosque, which he always referred as ‘Dhwarkamai’, the Mother of Mercy. Dhwarkamai is open to all irrespective of caste, creed or religion. It is the Holy landmark of all religions in the world.  To the Moslems he was a Fakir living in a mosque observing the disciplines of Islam, well versed in Islamic scriptures uttering ‘Allah Malik’ (God is the Master).

To Hindus he called himself a pure Brahmin, bore the caste marks of  a Hindu, well versed in Hindu scriptures. To the Parsees he was the sacred fire worshipper. His abound love and compassion was Christ like. His life was a living manifestation of the eight-fold path of Buddha.

Baba preached the Universal faith from this mosque. Following this faith the Moslems, Hindus, Parsees, Christians, Sikhs and Buddhists unequivocally surrender to Him. Sai Baba’s appeal lies in the fact that he was a perfect model of the harmony of all religions. He guided all the seekers along the lines of their own religion.

The religious harmony was illustrated in the fact that in this mosque only the Hindu festival ‘Ram Navmi’ (Birthday celebrations of Lord Ram) was celebrated with zest and fervour and the same day in the evening Sandal procession was taken out by Moslems, the tradition continues even today. His mosque contains the nimbar on western wall towards which Muslims turn for prayer and there are bells hanging from its ceiling like a Hindu place of worship.

It was a magnificent tribute to His luminous presence in this mosque that the most orthodox members of both communities prostrated themselves at His feet.

Few features of this mosque are

·   It is the place of Universal faith where all the religions have found their sanctity in Baba.

·   It eliminates or marginalizes the miseries of many millions who climb the steps of this mosque with faith.

·   Baba's Dhwarkamai is curing many incurable diseases and all kinds of afflictions through Udi (sacred ash) collected from dhuni fire place) the perpetual sacred fire burning here.